Arie D.

Arie D.

Arie D. är futurolog och talare med hela världen som scen, bosatt i Sverige sedan 2000. Arie lever med fru och fyra tonåringar. ”Kungariket utan namn” är hans första bok – ett klassiskt, spännande äventyr i modern tid för barn och deras vuxna. Utkommer på Belletrist Publishing i april 2018.


”I have spent my adult life — and most of my childhood — engrossed imagining the future and the potentials that drive it. As someone with atypical curiosity – I found myself sailing with Captain Nemo, escaping the ordinary into the land of wonder. 

By high school, I decided that the formal education system is more a pipe designed to feed the “norm” rather than a place to build up curiosity – a lesson I carried with me throughout life. As a result, I chose a path that will always challenge me and the status quo (therefore the troublemaker) but also be governed by a unique side effect – enabling me to look back into the present. 

I build up my career on “things that I knew that I didn’t know”, I always took assignments that I hadn’t done before and regularly pushed myself to explore new fields, tools, and methods that would redefine my vantage point on any given challenge. 

I give speeches that frame questions and help people identify and abandon old paradigms and rethink thinking. 

I tend to focus on 10 – 15 -year future scenarios, yet an essential part of capturing the future is to explain it, make it tangible and most important, make it relevant. That’s what I do. I tell stories about the future that could happen and help develop concepts around what should happen.” 

Arie D.

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