Book cover children's book Kingdom with no NameThis story begins on an ordinary day. Two purple suns are strolling the skies while a single cloud shuts its eyes out of boredom. Maya and Melvin are walking home from school when they find a metal egg hiding between the bushes. From that moment their lives change forever. After all, it’s not every day you learn that dragons are real. 

It appears that everything is not as Maya and Melvin believed. Where does the dragon take them when they accompany her on an adventure? Is it really true, as the dragon says, that you can create anything you want and go anywhere you want if you follow your own path? 

Arie D. has created a classic, exciting adventure in modern times. Ida Öhnell’s magical illustrations contribute to the captivating tone of both past and future. 

In a time of extreme external and superficial influence, this story aims at building children’s self-confidence and self-esteem: dare to trust themselves and their own power to find their own way in life.

E-book Kindle Edition available on Amazon.

Swedish version of e-book and hard cover book here.

Illustration av Ida Öhnell ur Kungariket utan Namn.

Illustration by Ida Öhnell from Kingdom with no Name.
©Belletrist Publishing

Extracts from reviews: 

”The children absolutely loved it. They thought the book was exciting, and they guessed and guessed what the name of the dragon would be. A big plus were the lovely pictures where we helped each other to find both ghosts and other little figures. Just looking at the pictures took some time and was fun for both young and old. A great book, I must say!” Bokfrun, book blogger

”I’ve read this lovely book for my daughter, 7 years, and she really love it. Right after finishing the book she asked for the sequel and we can only hope there will be more.” Malin’s bokblogg, book blogger

”Exciting, funny & beautifully illustraded! Jennies Boklista, book blogger

Have read it for our five year old and he liked it! The dragon and the illustrations are the favourites.” Therese Boklåda, book blogger